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OfficialElectronicCigarette works with many different E-Cigarette providers and/or retailers to provide you with customer promotions and other great deals. Customer service inquiries should be sent to the appropriate company that you ordered from:

SmokingEverywhere email: support@SmokingEverywhere.com
SmokingEverywhere phone: 1-800-613-0337

Smoke51 email: RMA@smoke51.com
Smoke51 phone: 1-866-349-2161

SmartSmoker phone: 1-866-700-8565

VaporPak phone: 1-877-350-8480

SelectSmoker phone: 1-866-349-2161

e cigs brand .com email: support@yourorderhelp.com
ecigsbrand.com phone: 1-866-830-2464

NOSMOKE 300 phone: 1-877-593-4160

Ignite eCigs (igniteecigs.com) phone: 1-800-396-4807


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